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Double Vacuum Debulk (DVD) Repair Training Coming Soon

Abaris is developing a new course for students that want to learn the DVD process for making near autoclave quality composite patches for repairs or out of autoclave (OoA) panels in manufacturing. 

The way it works is simple but process dependent. A DVD tool is required along with hot bond equipment to apply and control heat to a freshly laid-up laminate within a vacuum bag that is inside a vacuum chamber (the DVD tool).  Vacuum and heat are applied to the laminate within the inner bag and vacuum is applied to the chamber to create a slight pressure differential between the two. The laminate is subjected to a warm debulk, under vacuum, but without pressure on the bag.  This allows gasses to escape the laminate for a period of time before venting the chamber and allowing atmospheric pressure to compact the laminate.

The process, originally developed by the U.S. Navy, has been in practice since the early 1990’s but has seen little attention outside of the DoD and the military.  Abaris is planning to bring this training to our schedule this year and open the technology to everyone. Stay tuned to our newsletter and website for more information in the near future.

Photo caption: DVD tool (left) along with a hot-bond controller and vacuum sources/hoses (right).

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