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Are You Taking Advantage of Abaris Discounts?

Did you know that Abaris has discounts available that you can use to reduce the cost of tuition for your classes?  The discounts are available through the “Discounts” tab on our home page or as follows in this blog post.

You can enroll online today using one of the following discount codes at checkout, or mention it to our admin staff when enrolling by phone at (775) 827-6568, or by email at

* Note: Discounts are only available at U.S. facilities and are not valid elsewhere.  These discounts cannot be used in addition to any other discounts or promotions.


Multi-student/class discount 

Enroll a student in multiple classes or enroll multiple students in a single class (or classes) and receive a $100 discount per student per class! 

·        This discount is available to anybody who wishes to save money by enrolling either a single student for multiple classes or multiple students for the same class, or series of classes at one time! Simply apply discount code MULTI100 at checkout and the discount will be automatically applied to each student’s tuition price. 

* Note: Discount is only available at U.S. facilities and is not valid elsewhere.  This discount cannot be used in addition to any other discounts or promotions.

Military discount

Abaris offers an individual tuition discount of $300 for each active-duty or civilian military person who wish to enroll in a class.  A “dot Mil” email address is required for processing.  Simply use MIL300 discount code at checkout.


Large group discount

Do you have five or more people at your organization that need training?  

We at Abaris understand that you may want to get the best price available for your group.  As a result, we offer group tuition discounts for multiple students attending our regularly scheduled classes at our Reno, NV facility.  We will negotiate directly with you to plan the needed training for your team.  Students are not required to attend classes at the same time or even the same courses/classes to qualify.  Instead, we are flexible with these class arrangements, the number of students that you send at a time, and in a manner that will best meet your schedule for each fiscal or calendar year. 

Please contact us today to find out more about this offer. You can reach us at:

ACMA member discount

The ACMA Affinity Program is committed to reducing the overhead cost to ACMA members for various products and services throughout the industry.  As an Affinity Program partner, Abaris is offering a $200 tuition discount to any ACMA members (check to see if your company is a member) that enroll in any of our regularly scheduled classes our U.S. facility. 

To take advantage of this discount, simply sign up for an account on our website (if you have not yet done so), login, and then apply discount code ACMA200 at checkout.  Your $200 discount will automatically be applied to your tuition amount.  You will be asked to show proof of your ACMA membership when you arrive at class. 

Special Reader Discount: 

We hope that you will take advantage of one of the discounts offered above, however, if you do not qualify for one of those discounts, please use this special discount code: ABA100 and receive $100 off the tuition price for any class!

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