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About Us


Abaris President – Michelle Dziedzic

Abaris Training is the world leader in advanced composite training. We have trained more than 29,000 students since our inception in 1983 across several industries ranging from aerospace to automotive and more recently, green energy. Our goal is to teach the latest technology to our students in a friendly yet professional atmosphere.

Currently there are 23 different courses covering many of the various disciplines surrounding advanced composite structures engineering, manufacturing, and repair. Classes are available in Reno, NV, and at the São José dos Campos, SP, in Brazil.

All courses are taught by highly motivated instructors, all of which have vast experience and knowledge of composites and are acknowledged for being the top in their respective fields.

Abaris At A Glance

  • Founded in 1983.

  • Internationally recognized as a leader in composite training.

  • State of the art training in advanced composites subjects including; engineering, manufacturing, and repair.

  • Training Laboratories, workshops and process facilities for intensive, hands on student instruction.

  • Industry-experienced instructors.

  • Over twenty-nine thousand satisfied students from 63 countries, worldwide.

  • Strong roster of industry sponsors and source network.

The Abaris Mission

  • To remain on the cutting edge of technology in composite training; including engineering, manufacturing, repair.

  • To teach these technologies to our students in a friendly, yet professional atmosphere.

  • To supply students with troubleshooting techniques that save time and money.

  • To train students in the proper use of composite materials, through a mix of active classroom lectures and critical hands-on workshop instruction.

  • To give each student confidence and enthusiasm to return to their professions and put to work their newly acquired skills immediately.

Accreditation & Affiliations

  • Abaris Training offers FAA Inspector Authorization (IA) Renewal training for A&P’s that have these credentials.

  • The National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies (NCATT) awarded five Abaris trainers the prestigious certification for “Instructor Specializing in Aircraft Maintenance and Composites.”

  • SAE Performance Review Institute (PRI) Approved Training Provider.

  • ACMA CCT-I certificated instructors/proctors.

The name Abaris (not an acronym)

In Greek mythology, Abaris the Hyperborean, son of Seuthes, was a legendary sage, healer, and priest of Apollo known to the Ancient Greeks. He was said to be endowed with the gift of prophecy, and by this as well as by his Scythian dress, simplicity, and honesty he created great sensation in Greece, and was held in high esteem. Abaris travelled with an arrow, symbolizing Apollo, eating no food and known to produce healing cures to those he laid his hands upon. (Source: Wikipedia)

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