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Abaris Offers Top Notch Composite Repair Training

Abaris has been providing advanced composite repair training to industry since our inception in 1983.  All our repair courses are hands-on in nature, with between 30-80% of the time spent in our lab conducting composite repair projects. We specialize in aerospace structural repair training and have adapted these methods and techniques to provide top quality repairs to the automotive, wind, marine, transportation, sporting goods, and medical industries.  Basically, if it is a composite structure, we can teach you how to repair it.  Today’s courses are designed to provide our students with the latest knowledge and tactile skills needed to approach any structural composite repair with confidence and competence. Each course is 5-days in duration and the first three start with the curricula presented in the ER-1 for engineers or the M-1/R-1 prerequisites for technicians and run sequentially. All these courses are hands-on in nature and a great deal of time is spent in the lab doing composite repairs to actual composite parts and panels.  The embedded links below take you to the full description for each course.

Engineering Repair (ER) Track Courses:


Repair Track Courses:


Manufacturing (M) and Repair (R) Crossover Courses:


Windblade Repair Track:

R-GWO: Certified GWO Windblade Repair

You can find our class schedule and pricing on our website at and you can enroll online at for any scheduled class, or, if you have a large group that you would like to train at you own facility, please contact us at for a quotation.


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