Now including our two newest automotive carbon fiber composite repair courses for 2016!

We at Abaris Training realize that budgets are tight and that as tuition prices continue to rise at all educational institutions, it is harder to acquire the technical training that you really need to keep current with emerging technology. As a result, we are offering a “package deal” for those of you wishing to take either our Manufacturing, Repair 1, 2 & 3, or our composite auto repair courses!
This is the deal; if you sign up for our M-1/R-1 and either the M-2 , R-2 or R-14 courses at the same time, you will receive a $300 discount on the tuition price of the second course!
If you sign up for M-1/R-1, M-2, R-2 or R-14 and M-3,  R-3, or R-15 you will receive a $500 discount on the third course! This means you can come to all three of the courses that you want and receive a considerable $800 discount off your total tuition cost if you enroll before 30 June 2016!
Be sure to select the “Pay by Invoice” option when enrolling online and the discount will be automatically applied to your invoice when enrolling in multiple classes at the same time.
Note: This offer is only available at U.S. facilities and is not valid elsewhere.
Please contact us at +1 (775) 827-6568 or by email at if you have any questions.