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Training Programs

We are proud to offer three different education tracks and a course in non-destructive inspection and testing (NDI/NDT) to engineers, inspectors, fabricators, technicians, mechanics, and anyone else involved in the design, manufacture, repair and inspection of advanced composite structures.


Engineering and Design

The engineering courses offered by Abaris are designed for today’s busy engineer looking to gain knowledge about composite materials, design, and analysis in a short period of time.  Our 5-day courses are intended to provide a semester’s worth of information in a week’s time.  Each course mixes classroom theory with practical experience in a way that promotes learning, resulting in a thorough understanding of the subject matter.  Each student will walk away with a toolkit of ideas that can be applied immediately in the workforce.  Go to this course building block pyramid to view the engineering course structure.  to Take a look at our course offerings and select a class today that is best suited to meet your needs!



Our manufacturing track is designed for both newcomers and seasoned technicians and engineers wishing to enhance their knowledge of advanced composite materials, processes, methods, and techniques utilized in today’s manufacturing industries.  Each 5-day course is designed to quickly teach the student the fundamentals, as well as the many little details and tricks associated with manufacturing composite structures that normally take years to learn through on-the-job training. There is no faster way to get up to speed on composite manufacturing practices than to attend these short courses!



Abaris Training has been providing top quality composite repair training since our inception in 1983!  Our repair track is second to none, worldwide!  We offer six technical and two engineering courses specifically designed for those who are responsible for repairs to advanced composite structures.  All of our courses include a great deal of hands-on practice, providing real-world scenarios, on actual composite panels and components. These courses will provide the student with the knowledge necessary to conduct top-quality repairs with confidence in a timely manner!


Nondestructive Inspection (NDI)

Our 5-Day NDI course is designed for inspectors, technician, engineers, or anybody else tasked with identifying and quantifying defects in new or damaged composite panels using the latest equipment, methods, and techniques. The course is very “hands-on” in nature, and quite busy. The instruction is performed by an ASNT certified Level III engineer and is flexible to adapting to the students needs

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