Abaris Sponsors SAMPE’s New “Tooling Technologies for Composites: A Hands-on Workshop,” October 17-18, 2017

September 27th, 2017 by

Tooling WorkshopTake part in this new seminar, which includes a hands-on workshop, part of SAMPE’s commitment to Workforce Development. In addition to being an interactive event involving the composites industry’s leading tooling companies and presenters, participants will engage in several hands-on exercises within the University of Southern California’s Composites Laboratory.

Day 1

Learn about tooling materials and applications from leading companies, providing a comprehensive overview of tooling materials and processes. Presentations will focus on several areas of tooling, including tooling for aerospace and automotive applications. Presenters will discuss best practices, explain solutions, and address common challenges. View the course schedule here.

Participating companies include:

  • IACMI – Tooling for Automotive & Energy Applications
  • Janicki Industries
  • Rubbercraft
  • Coast Composites Tooling/Ascent Aerospace
  • Airtech International, Inc.
  • Abaris Training Resources
  • SpinTech (Smart Tooling)
  • Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing
  • Stratasys Inc.
  • Carbon Innovations LLC (CFoam)
  • TenCate Advanced Composites

Day 2

Take part in an unique opportunity to see where “the rubber hits the road” so to speak. Attendees will have the chance to both view tooling demonstrations as well as get their hands dirty making composite pieces to solidify key points. Participation in Day 2 “hands-on” exercises include:

  • Working with supplier tools and materials on site
  • Layup and processing composite parts on various tooling materials:

o   Metal

o   Composite

o   Rubber/Elastomeric

o   Ceramic (tentative)

o   3D/Additive manufactured mandrels

  • Produce “Spring-in, Spring-out” effect with angle shapes
  • “Potato Chip” Panels – The importance of symmetry in layup
  • C-Foam and Smart Tooling demonstrations
  • Round-table discussion toward end of Day 2

Follow this link for more information and to enroll today: SAMPE’s New “Tooling Technologies for Composites: A Hands-on Workshop”